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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol, Immigrations and customs Enforcement, and the Executive Office of immigration Review -- these are just some of the agencies and departments that handle immigration matters in the United States. The immigration adjudication and processing system is very complex one, and you should not navigate it without legal representation. One small error could result in removal, denial of benefits, and in some cases, criminal prosecution.

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At The Farias Law firm we handle detention, consular and application immigration matters. Of Counsel, David Ramirez Jr. has extensive experience litigating and advocating for our clients, call 713-364-0103 today to inquire about benefits you and your loved ones may be eligible for, or how to obtain relief if you are currently in immigration proceedings. Attorneys Ramirez and Karleana Farias are native Spanish speakers, and are ready to answer your questions.